Monday, 5 May 2014

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I'm old enough to remember when everything was different on Sundays: when people dressed for church; shops were closed all day; entertainment was "Two-Way Family Favourites" on the radio; and it was always fish paste sandwiches for tea. Mainly nothing happened.

Today you can do anything. Early Sunday, we drove down to Miami, through the Everglades and half way down the Florida Keys, all before lunch.

Arriving at the town of Marathon and there was a subtle shift in the time continuum: Sue disappeared in a hammock for the afternoon, while I watched little silver fish, trying to jump out of the Atlantic. And apart from the sun going down, very little happened.

Apparently that's what the Keys does for you.

Location:E 75th St,Marathon,United States

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Sue said...

I remember buffalo shrimp and chilli. Oh and the pear ciders and key lime pie cocktail and then nothing until this morning! Xx