Friday, 9 May 2014

A Slow News Day

DAY: Sue and I had a chat about this and decided it was probably Thursday. Time - 3.55: that's island time and hence meaningless.

LOCATION: Sands at Islamorada - approximately 80 miles from Key West, 80 miles from Miami and from where I'm sitting, about 20 yards from the Atlantic.

WEATHER: continuing hot, hot, hot with a cool, cool breeze.

VIEW: nice. See photo with view from the porch.

COLOURS: mainly primary, plus rather a lot of Flamingo pink round the pool and cabins. Indeed.

SOUNDS: that'll be the wind through the palms; the waves smacking against the jetty; and the damn squeak from one of the hammocks.

ISSUES: yes, for five minutes now, one of my socks has been about to roll off the porch and onto the beach below; it's so annoying. And while we're talking frankly - some of the palm trees are a bit bendy for my taste.

PLANS: nothing pressing. I may start a new novel or I may lie down. At the moment I really don't give a flying big one.

Location:Overseas Hwy,Islamorada Village of Islands,United States


Mike said...

This sock business has me worried. I hope you're not being a stereotype. An Englishman abroad in hot weather - please tell us you're not wearing them with sandals.

Richard said...

No Mike - never owned a pair of sandals. But if you wanted them, this is the place to be. They'll knock you up a pair while you wait and all for 12 dollars. Shall I get you a pair?

Mike said...

Can't refuse an offer like that! Size 8 uk if you're serious. I'll even dump the socks. Wouldn't want to get you out of that hammock though on my account.

Helene Thomson said...

Don't tell me you didn't pack the WD40 for just such an occasion! A shame to spoil the ambience with noise, bendy trees are OK we have those here too.

Richard said...

Hi Helene - could have done with WD40 for the hire car. Problem with the electrics, so just changed it for another one. It's a shame we are not coming to you at the end of the holiday foe a little rest and relaxation. X