Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Fine Example Of Lowdown, Miserable Behaviour

You'll remember Steve the lodger - he's the one with the nasty broken leg who featured in a recent blog. Well yesterday we were chatting, ironically on the subject of manners, when he came up with this story. I thought I'd share it with you.

Seems he was with a friend Tom and they were about to catch the1A bus from Gorleston High Street. Of course, to get on the bus you've got to have the right money and so Steve (on crutches remember) had gone into McCalls to get some change.

Naturally, this is the signal for the bus to hove into sight. Not a problem, because John, who is at the bus stop, explains to the driver that Steve is on crutches and just leaving the shop. Indeed a hopping Steve is a mere ten yards away and clearly visible in the bus wing mirror.

Now here's the sad part.The driver, with yawning inevitability looks away, puts the bus into gear, and pulls out into traffic. This dirty deed, is witnessed with horrible fascination, by passengers on the bus and other shoppers in the area.

But it doesn't end there. Having driven just ten yards, the lights change and the bus stops, giving Tom and Steve the opportunity to open a second round of negotiations with the driver. No chance. The poor driver has suddenly been afflicted by hearing loss and a form of short-term paralysis that only allows him to look forward.

And so our two heroes are left cursing and cussing while onlookers squirm with embarrassment and the driver continues up the road, all dignity draining through the soles of his size eleven bus- driving boots.

One question - why would you do this ?

Location:Manor Gardens,Hopton on Sea,United Kingdom


Helene Thomson said...

Because, as you say, he's lowdown and miserable. But you could add a few more descriptives that are not exactly for polite company. A shame they didn't have something rather unpleasant they could have thrown at him - by accident of course! That would have got them some attention and probably a round of applause from the passengers on board!!!!

rickydicky49 said...

Helene I just can't imagine you, using any sort of profane language. Really I'm shocked at the mere thought. X